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What does deep business integration and continuity look like?


We're putting an end to small business owners having to piecemeal expensive software packages to "try" and compete with big box!

From CRM, Inventory Management and E-Commerce to Human Analytics and Personality Insights using Artificial Intelligence we mean it when we say we want to equip small business owners to succeed.

Our Lethbridge

A community platform powered by Bridger, Our Lethbridge is what we like to call a "directory 2.0". We're re-thinking and re-tooling the traditional directory for modern day technology & convenience.

By bolting a platform like Our Lethbridge on top of an enterprise grade system like Bridger, and limiting it to local small business owners we plan to drive a new shop local initiative.


Bridger steps into Retail in meaningful ways - both digitally and physically. Digitally through our back-end service Bridger such as Point-of-Sale, Inventory Management, Scheduling and more.

We are also committed to delivering completely anonymous human analytics to our retail customers through our hardware partnerships and our own proprietary hardware.

Come on... that's way too many things in one place!

For less than a 7-figure price tag you may be right. Here's the thing though, ERPs or Enterprise Resource Planning software has existed since the 1990s. It's simply been priced towards large enterprise making it unavailable to small business entrepreneurs.

Our engineering and work experience in large multi-national corporations powered by traditional ERP suites uniquely lends expertise and experience to our mission: to bring competitive, enterprise class software to small business owners at a fraction of the cost while influencing local economies & communities.